Floridians understand the inherent risks of hurricanes, tropical storms, and other natural disasters when residing in the Sunshine State, and therefore carry insurance policies to protect their property in the event of a significant storm; however, what many Floridians may not be aware of is that insurance companies—like all businesses—are primarily concerned with safeguarding their company’s financial interests. Policyholders, unfortunately, discover too late that insurance companies do not always fully or promptly pay a claim in the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster.HURRICANE IRMA DAMAGE CLAIMS GET SETTLEMENTS FAST david shiner law group

So, what should you do if your property has sustained damage as a result of Hurricane Irma? Immediately seek the legal counsel of an experienced hurricane property damage lawyer to get your settlement fast.

In the aftermath of a severe storm, insurance companies find themselves overwhelmed with insurance claims, causing claimants to receive reduced consideration and delayed or underpaid settlements if their claims aren’t denied. Having an experienced hurricane property damage attorney by your side will ensure that insurance companies are held responsible if they fail to act.

Don’t delay. If you or a loved one has been the victim of hurricane property damage, call us today to discuss your legal options.

How a Shiner Law Group Attorney Can Help

With over $250 billion dollars’ worth of damage to Florida’s mainland, property owners may find it difficult to receive a fast settlement when submitting their hurricane property damage claim; however, our award-winning attorneys at the Shiner Law Group have the legal acumen to help you navigate the complexities of a hurricane property damage claim. We help you avoid insurance traps and pitfalls by facilitating negotiations with insurance companies who seek to minimize their financial liability. We understand the dogged tactics employed by insurance companies and their legal teams, which is why we have built a reputation for providing sound legal counsel while fostering a positive client experience over the past 15 years.

As a visible part of the Florida community, we aggressively pursue the best results for our clients and ensure they receive the care, attention, and thoroughness they deserve.

While hardly an exhaustive list, the Shiner Law Group provides a list of things you can do to help build the most compelling claim and get your settlement fast:

  • Gather evidence by taking photos or video
  • Contact your insurance company to report the claim (preferably in writing) to receive a damage assessment by an insurance adjuster
  • Record the names of insurance representatives you have communicated with and document conservations
  • Recover receipts and proofs of purchase

It is imperative to consult with a hurricane property damage lawyer when filing an insurance claim because insurance companies will seek to underpay or deny the claims of unrepresented parties. In the event your insurance provider fails to uphold your insurance policy agreement, our skilled attorneys are prepared to litigate on behalf of your legal and financial interests.

How Property Owners Can Build a Compelling Claim

Property owners should take every precaution when it comes to securing their property because insurance companies and their adjusters will take advantage of insurance loopholes to deny claims or mitigate their financial liability.

The Shiner Law Group provides some of the tactics insurance companies employ to avoid paying for storm-related damages:

  • State that property owners failed to properly mitigate storm-related damages or fix preventable maintenance issues.
  • Attribute water damage to flooding or preexisting leaks.
  • Claim that unsafe living conditions existed prior to the storm (i.e. residing near the coast).

Receiving financial compensation for damaged roofs depends on several factors: the age of the roof, its condition prior to the storm, and the type of coverage purchased.

Property damage victims should also know that flooding from rising water—storm surges, flooded lakes, etc.—is typically not covered under standard home insurance, so property owners may need to take out an additional flood insurance policy.

Note: The National Flood Insurance Reform Act (NFIRA) of 1994, enacted by Congress, mandates a 30-day waiting period before a new flood insurance policy, as well as any modification to a pre-existing policy, can take effect.

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