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Severe storms and record-breaking hurricanes leave physical, emotional, and financial hardships for many Floridians in their wake. Unfortunately, Florida residents, who faithfully pay their insurance policy and rely on their insurance coverage to protect them in the event of severe weather, may discover too late that their insurance companies are primarily interested in mitigating their financial liability.Homeowners Rights INSURANCE CLAIMS HURRICANE IRMA SHINER LAW GROUP

Insurance companies often drown in property damage claims ensuing from severe storms and will seek to take advantage of insurance loopholes to outright deny, delay, or underpay your property damage insurance claim.

If your property has sustained damage as a result of Hurricane Irma, or another incident of severe weather, the award-winning property damage attorneys at the Shiner Law Group are prepared to litigate on behalf of your legal and financial interests. For over 15 years, we have navigated the legal complexities associated with property damage insurance claims and successfully represented storm-related property damage victims throughout Florida. We understand the dogged tactics employed by insurance companies and their legal teams, which is why we have built a reputation for providing sound legal counsel while fostering a positive client experience.

The Shiner Law Group has a demonstrated record in cases arising from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, floods, and wild fires.

The Benefits of Hiring a Shiner Law Group Attorney

Policyholders should know there are several factors that could determine their financial recovery, as well as issues that could prevent policyholders from receiving financial compensation under their insurance policies. For instance, insurance companies will seek to minimize their financial liability if property owners fail to:

  • Remedy damage(s) upon returning to their premises (i.e. shutting off water supply valves or covering torn roofs)
  • Provide relevant paperwork, financial figures, property values, or repair costs when an adjuster arrives to assess property damage
  • Provide an inventory list of property contents
  • Understand their policy agreement

At the Shiner Law Group, we believe insurance companies must honor the contracts signed with their policyholders, which is why we conduct a thorough investigation of the facts, including, but not limited to, evidence gathering, independent property damage assessments, insurance negotiations, and examinations of the insurance company’s history.

While hardly exhaustive an exhaustive list, our seasoned lawyers provide some steps you can take before a hurricane to help build the most compelling claim:

  • Record evidence by taking pictures or video.
  • Creative an inventory of your personal belongings.
  • Minimize damage by securing the residence and making minor repairs.
  • Recover receipts and proofs of purchase.
  • Locate and preserve insurance policies.

It is imperative to file a claim in the immediate aftermath of a storm, because most insurance policy’s limit a property owner’s time to file; however, insurance companies cannot increase a policyholder’s rate without increasing the rate for all policyholders in the area. While insurance agents may offer world-class service, they are primarily interested in mitigating their financial liability.

In the event a claim is denied, property owners are entitled to meet with three insurance adjusters. Most state laws prohibit policy cancellations in the event of severe weather.

Consult with a storm-related property damage lawyer when filing an insurance claim because insurance companies will seek to underpay or deny the claims of unrepresented parties. In the event your insurance provider fails to uphold your insurance policy agreement, our skilled attorneys are prepared to take even the largest insurance chains to court.

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